Bridal Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

The most important day for wedding period of bride’s life. Two things need to be on point to make sure to get a bride’s makeup perfect. Firstly bride happy from the inside, so that the natural glow is visible and when the makeup is applied then the face can be beautiful. Secondly, the makeup itself be done by the professional who understands what suits the bride best.

Bridal Makeups tips for a wedding Day

Now that you have done everything you can to prepare your skin and hair the best way possible for the ultimate day, here is what you do on the Day:

  • After cleansing your face, use some ice to close the pores so that you don’t perspire and the makeup does not run out.
  • Let your makeup artist know once again that you do not want any surprises in the form of an experiment with your face on your wedding day.
  • Warm your skin tone with bronze powder.
  • Use a gel based foundation primer to make sure your foundation does not run out.
  • Make a sure are not using talcum powders are anywhere in the entire makeup regime.
  • To fill in your eyebrows, use a brow powder or a gel. If you are using a Make sure you don’t give a very sharp shape to the eyebrows, she looks soft and sweet.
  • To fill in your eyebrows, brow pencil, make sure and then used.
  • Use an eyelash curler and go for waterproof mascara. Do not overdose on the mascara and make sure there are no clumps.
  • Use the natural lip liner. Use shades of red. Fill in your lips as lip-bam before using the lipsticks.

Make sure to follow rule of highlighting the lips and eyes.

Tips for 2 Weeks Prior to the Wedding

  • Before finalising the deal with the hairstylist and makeup artist, let them know that you will need a test run of the hairdo and makeup as well, for both wedding and reception.
  • Try out different hairstyles that could go with your outfit. Decide the best one and don’t change that for the ultimate day.

Tips for 8 Weeks Prior to the Wedding

You need to take care of your skin and hair carefully before the Day so that it can take the brunt of all the chemicals that will go into your hair and skin and still look good. Here are some Indian bridal pre makeup tips:

  • Create a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sun proof regime with natural products like honey, lemon, sugar, curd, tomato, for everyday use. Make a homemade exfoliator with coffee ground or besan to use twice a week. This is not just for your face but for your whole body.
  • Take extra care of your hair, need for a weekly hair spa. Use natural conditioners made by banana, milk, and honey. Apply onion juice for hair growth twice a week.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep and 3 litres of water to drink every day.
  • Follow natural for dark circles and patches. They involve cool things like tea liquor and cucumber.

When your skin and hair is ready to look good, the job of the makeup becomes easy. If you do not follow this regime, the makeup will break out and you will look worse than your usual self.

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