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Mehndi holds a lot of cultural significance in Indian traditions and it is used to beauty and healing purposes.

Mehndi is  Indian tradition are normally applied during special Hindu weddings and Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Dooj and Teej.

Mehndi plays a very important role in our culture that in fact, one whole wedding rite is dedicated to its celebration popularly known as Mehndi Ceremony. Ceremony is among the prewedding rituals in Indian weddings performed a day earlier to the marriage with much gusto.

Use of mehndi is considered vastly good in Indian tradition, especially within Hindus,  consider Mehndi part of the expected 16 ornamentations. Even the color of mehndi is given high importance in Indian culture,it is believed that dark color, mehndi leaves on the bride’s hand, the more will she loved by her husband. It represents love and affection between the couple as it is also believed that the longer it maintains, the more positive it is.


Latest and easy Mehndi Designs Images and Pictures are widely seen and demanded in any Indian Wedding or Festival. Indian Wedding Ceremony or Marriage Function is really considered to be imperfect without All Types of Best Easy  Mehndi Designs for grooms.

Getting a beautiful and Easy mehndi design for grooms etched on the hands and feet is more than just a wedding custom for to-be brides. These days, couples tend to take every aspect of their wedding into consideration, and brides are particular about every detail of their final wedding ensemble, including the easy mehndi design. Making sure that the henna pattern is on trend is important, and brides often take to Pinterest and Instagram to look through their options.

But its not just the brides. Easy Mehndi designs for grooms can be an important element of your Indian ethnic ensemble, whether you’re a guest at a wedding or have a puja coming up soon. We’ve gathered our favourite new ones from Instagram, to make the referencing for your next Indian look easier. Say goodbye to standard designs, and stand out from the crowd with our edit.Easy mehndi designs are followed:

Mehndi designs with negative spaces

Give your henna a fresh twist by choosing one with negative spaces. Have the mehndi artist leave spaces in the middle of the design so they can create intricate looks without completely filling up your hands.


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