Latest Bridal Hairstyle

Latest Bridal Hairstyle

As much as makeup is an important aspect of a bride’s wedding look, so is a good bridal hairstyle. Depending on the kind of bridal look you have envisioned for your big day, you can choose from a range of bridal hairstyles to match your wedding outfit and makeup.

This bridal bun with a bunch of white flowers is perfect to wear with your bridal lehenga  on the big day. This bridal hairstyle with marathi looks great if you want to have an elaborate hairdo with your wedding outfit.

Maharashtrian bridal hairstyles are different from other Indian bridal hairstyles really. The really sets a part is the mundavalya , a pearl string accessory that runs alongside the forehead. A traditional Marathi bridal hairstyle will typically consist of a hair bun with flowers or jwellary and some form of styling at the front of the hair. This could be a puff, a side parting or twisted twirls that join the bun at the back.

Check out the hairstyle pics below and hopefully you can get some inspiration on how to wear you hair to that traditional Marathi bridal look on your wedding day.

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